Landscaping+Florist+Art +Life=the end of 10 Days Of?

Well, for those of you who havent been in the loop...I moved back to Bloomington IN to take a job as an assistant landscaper for Oliver Winery (where i have previously worked). I have also started working as a floral assistant at Peppertree Floral. I really love these jobs, and I continue to do the occasional freelance illustration project or fine art work. But i just dont have time for 10 days of anymore. sad panda! 

Life is starting to settle itself into a manageable groove, so I will be posting more artwork on katievernon.blospot.com. So please hop on over there to see what's new!



more progress on the 2 projects im working on....check it out...katievernon.blogspot.com


In the meantime....

So I have a few projects that I will be working on during the month of March...first off a show with Baileyworks, a local messenger bag company that have a yearly art show where 15 artists are each given the same bag and do something arty to it. I had to submit a proposal and i pick up the bag next week! I'll post some in progress pics as them come on my other blog... katievernon.blogspot.com. My "theme" is "Beardy-Works" hahah!

Also, I have to do some work for a print show i'm going to be in at ArtStream in Rochester, NH. This is just 6 prints, but i'm creating some new work for it...it'll be a flower/animal theme...the flowers inspired by Sarah's arrangements (see pic above) at Saipua...very beautiful! So keep looking at the other blog for new things, 10days will just have to be put on pause while i get these projects finished up!

Finally, I am about to post some new work, reasonably-priced ORIGINALS on my etsy page! These should be up by mid-week. Toodles!


[Floating] : seven, eight, nine, ten

here are the remaining posts for this run...i think i'll be taking a bit of a break from 10-days...need to deal with mini-identity-crisis. be back in a bit!

[Floating] : six

i was having a bit too much fun with hue/saturation!


[Floating] : five

ive been sick for a few days now...yesterday was probably the worst but today i can't stand for more than a few minutes without feeling like i can't stand anymore. so here's some pea soup WITH alphaletters. (frank would agree with the fact that i'm going nutsy at this point in the game)...but alphaletters is kinda fun to say.


[Floating] : four

i didnt even realize it until after i drew it, but today is lincoln's and darwin's bdays, and so the logs and birds will be my homage to the two of them!


[Floating] : three

this one's got the double-float


[Floating] : two

i kinda like this dudes squiggly chesty hairs


[Floating] : one

i've been putting things on rafts lately, so floating seemed appropriate. 

the illos this round might stay kinda small and simple, not sure yet. 


bad idea

So frank is back in bloomington for this week at a conference and I made the bad decision of checking out the first season of 24 from the library. so....there probably wont be any posts this week. 


[Marshmallows] : seven and eight

Well, the two ice cream bunnies started out as peeps, but they just felt more like ice cream, so they aren't really marshmallow-related, but i kinda like the tension between the no-nuts vs. nuts. not sure what the caption would be, thoughts?

and then a brain smore. nuff said.