[chairs] : eightish

today chairs are just not inspiring. 

i did this new one instead.


[chairs] : six

ok, power was restored, and so I go on... here are the beginnings of four smaller paintings. i think of them as seasonal chairs, (winter=comfy chair, spring=porch swing, summer=Adirondack, fall=rocking chair with afghan). so here are the pencil and pen stages. i like to use a permanent marker for the pen stage...it will bleed through my paint layers so i can always see it. however, it means that it's permanent and that can have its drawbacks.

i also did another tweet while the power was out. this is actually a tweet of my friend Ryan Ridge (he is a fantastic photographer...go look at his stuff! ryan.bigwoofs.com)
anyhoo, i had to figure out how to get one of the armless dudes (frank wants to call them Gangly Gents) to drink coffee. my first instinct was a silly straw, but the glasses straw seemed even better!

in yet other news I have been looking for other work to supplement the old income, and i'm going to apply to be a zoo keeper! i'll definitely keep you all updated on that one!


[chairs] : four? five?

well, for day four I've got a newly redesigned website (www.katievernon.com). there are parts that aren't totally done, i still want to put a lot more work under the misc. work section (some tweets, etc.). but i'm really diggin the more open layout...i can have larger images if i want, and there is just a nice spacious feel to it. so that took up a few hours yesterday.

for day five (today) I don't think i will be able to post anything. Frank and I are currently sitting in the only place in Dover with power and internet and coffee. thank goodness for Adelles. we had a big ice storm last night and there are over 200,000 homes in NH without power. this might last for a bit. Frank is currently calling around to try to find a kerosene space heater (no luck thus far). actually, he's about to run out to look around for one. supposedly this storm was worse than one that hit about a decade ago that left people without power for almost a week.

man, if it had just been a bit colder last night we would've had at least a foot of snow! instead we have about a half inch of ice on the trees/power lines. thankfully the roads are not slick (unless the temp decides to take a sudden plummit.)



[chairs] : two & three

more sketches! also, i think i'm gonna do a wee redesign of my website, so i'll keep you updated for that!


[chairs] : one point five

ok, so i have a few more sketches for day two, but it's too cold to go to my art room today (we're getting a space heater for the upstairs on thursday). anyhoo, tomorrow I'll have two postings, and it's supposed to be warming up, so hopefully my motivation will come back. (don't worry mom, we'll turn the heat up during christmas!)


[chairs] : one

yay for chairs! This series is going to go a bit differently. instead of a finished illo per day, i want to have a few (maybe 5 or so) finished paintings by the end of the 10 days. To do that, it is easier for me to work on a few boards at once, so while one is drying i can be working on another, and it speeds the process along a bit. But you'll get a glimpse into my process of going from idea to finished piece, and that's kinda fun. So the first day or two or three are going to be the sketching phase. 

I've wanted to do more chairs since i did these a few weeks ago. there's something about a chair that really conveys a lot of personality. also you can have strange things sitting on the chair, like a narwhal. Also, there are so many different styles of chairs, yet they all basically serve the same purpose. anyhoo, i am gonna miss the tweets, but i'm going to try to do one tweet/week, so definitely keep on the look out. 


[tweets illustrated] : ten

not sure if i like the light one or the dark one better...thoughts?


[tweets illustrated] : nine

these little dudes again...not sure what they're called yet. suggestions?

i dont know why im feeling the sad drawings lately, but here's another one.


[tweets illustrated] : seven

i don't know what's up with this little dude, but i kinda like him.


[tweets illustrated] : six

wink wink (although, i don't really know what's in the butter)