Happy T Day!

Have a wonderful holiday...i'll be back on monday! Eat lots of turkey (or tofurkey), but beware of turkey brain (WARNING! this is kinda a disturbing illo).


[tweets illustrated] : five

I think the 19th "i" really makes the message work. 



[tweets illustrated] : two

i want pie...real bad.


[tweets illustrated] : one

This one actually comes from someone i know...my bro-in-law JP! hope you find your pants jp!

also, the project that consumed last week is finished...you can see a slideshow of it by going to the vernons_away blog here.

AND, The Stranger is going to use my illo for its cover for their next issue! it'll come out later this week!


[tweets illustrated] : zero

good news and bad news...

bad news: i don't have an illo for today (and am ignoring the fact that I didn't have one on friday)

good news: one of my postcard mailings has likely produced a job! The Stranger (alternative mag in Seattle) wants to use my "Stumpede!" (a cropped version of the one on my website) image for their cover. Ill let you all know when that's supposed to come out...could be next issue, could be pushed back a bit. So this is very exciting!

but also very exciting is the next 10 days of topic...tweets! i'm really looking forward to doing these, i think it'll be great fun! 



[on my walk] : eight

today was painting and priming of the bedroom...so no new illo for the day...instead a modified illo and a haiku about our walk:

On our walk she sniffs
pulling, bearing down, to smell
bet it stinks real bad


[on my walk] : seven

So, i can't take credit for painting this design. Frank and I are trying to make sure we succeed in our goal of moving into our bedroom by thanksgiving, so this week we are in turbo mode of sanding-caulking-priming-painting the room. Then next week we will hopefully get carpet and a mattress that can actually fit up our stairs. and then install our shelving thingys (we'll post pics on our vernons-away blog). 

anyhoo, back to the pic...we have this hideous vinyl flooring (see ugly brown swatch) over our whole upstairs. Neither of us realized that there was more between it and the subflooring. I saw this peaking out underneath and ripped up some uggo flooring to get to it. It's pretty amazing. definitely hand printed and touched up with some hand painting. anyhoo, i thought it was neat, and i've got some other projects that i need to work on, so hope you will accept this as a suitable substitute for my normal stuff. 


[on my walk] : six

how cute are mail trucks!

psst...if you haven't read the next post yet...scroll down and read it!

Q. How many blogs can one person have?

A. Not enough i guess.

Don't worry 10 day of followers...the start of another blog doesnt mean that I am going to start ditching the 10 days of site. This new one...tweetsillustrated.blogspot.com will be updated weekly, not daily. 

So what is this new one all about? well you should go and find out. You'll see that the style is a bit different than what i do on 10 days of, but i hope the feel is still 100% kv. 

I really wanted to play a bit more with text. and i was planning on doing this for a 10 days of run (and still might), but i feel like it is something that could go way beyond 10 days. My plan (to give you all a heads up... especially if you really like what you see), is to make limited prints of these (20 at most), so these will be extra special!

hope you enjoy!


[on my walk] : five (but not really)

ok, today i didn't go on nootka's walk with her. I have been really busy making a form on my website for signing up for a e-newsletter, making an illo answering the question of why the stumpede? (i put this question on one of my postcards that i sent out, hoping that people would want to know the answer). and i taught myself how to make a tiled pattern. so i took some of the animal hybrids and made this...i think it's uber fun!

Cafe on the Corner show!

Here are a few pics of the little show I have up at Cafe on the Corner in Dover. Since my pieces have glossy resin on them, it was hard getting a good non-glare, non-flash shot, i think i'll go back when it is bright and sunny out.


[on my walk] : four

ok, this sucks, but it was a rainy morning, my legs are sore from a new workout class, and it's been a busy afternoon, so here is today's little bastard.


[on my walk] : three

This is from a dying/dried hydrangea. I added the color digitally. Also, if you haven't noticed, I have stuff up on etsy! there is a little thing on the side of this site! The site needs some tweaking, but at least this is a start. Go buy art! also, if there is ever anything that you want to buy that i don't have up there, but that you've seen, just let me know!


[On my walk] : two

Saw lots of these today. Hope you voted!


[On my walk] : one

Well, my week off was well spent, i am sending out about 600 postcards to different magazines/publishers. For the next 10 days of, i decided to take advantage of something I do everyday...walk nootka. Plus I love plants that have neat seed pods or berries and now is the time i get to see them. So for day one, we have some rose hips. Frank says you can pick these and make rose hip tea out of them. I'll let you know how that goes if we do it.