[Marshmallows] : seven and eight

Well, the two ice cream bunnies started out as peeps, but they just felt more like ice cream, so they aren't really marshmallow-related, but i kinda like the tension between the no-nuts vs. nuts. not sure what the caption would be, thoughts?

and then a brain smore. nuff said.


[marshmallows] : six

So this past week i found a call for art at this gallery  in Freeport, ME (where the patagonia outlet is!) and just yesterday decided to create some pieces for it and realized the pieces were due today or tomorrow and our car is going to the shop tomorrow, so it had to be done by today! the theme of the show is 10" x 10" x 10" (2d and 3d). so all art has to be 10x10, so i went to home depot, had them cut some MDF, and after a bit of brainstorming, started working on 4 pieces (I can submit up to 5). well, three of them turned out decent enough. i did another reprise of sad bronte (just can't get that image out of my head!), and two other "solo" (i've decided not to call them lonely or alone) works. i'll scan them as soon as they are dry and link them.  also today, we are trying out grey...i didnt like the brown.


[Marshmallows] : four and five

i like how the marsh one looks kinda like a chalkboard. and then here are just some marshmallow men sketches. and i'm trying on the brown background for a bit to see if i like it. hmmmm....we'll see. enjoy your weekends!


[Marshmallows] : three

Also, i've done a wee bit of a site upgrade (just expanded my misc. work section into three parts (drawing, painting, typography) so feel free to go check it out!


[Marshmallows] : one and two

yay! new 10 days of! i'm back from an unexpectedly long break, you can read the short version of it here on my friend mary's blog. But let's move on! to Marshmallows! not sure why the mallow...but why not the mallow!?!


where have i been?!?!

hello all! so 2009 has gotten off to a rocky start. you can read more details about it on frank's and my blog: vernons away! but basically i have been in Bloomington, IN for about 15 days, i'll be here for 5 more and then back to NH and my studio! i'll post some of the sketches ive been doing (get ready for marshmallows!) once i get back, and then back to work! looking forward to it!