[animal hybrids] : two

Well, today was a slightly political day...did some pro-bono work for my friend laura who is in georgia working for team Obama! The work is not 100% done, but it'll let you all know when it is. anyhoo, hence the elephonkey. you can decide amongst yourself how it eats. 


[animal hybrids] : one

Well, by popular demand, "non-human hybrids" beat out "fall" on the little poll. So here's a wee sketch digitally colored of a rabbit-dog. It kinda looks like Nootka if she had just gotten her wisdom teeth removed. 

Also, I have been hard at work trying to get my website to a better place. It is far better than before, but still a lot of work to be done. take a look!


[1-10] : ten (!)

This is why we don't have all our fingers on one hand. It looks strange. And all those finger puppets would be pretty crammed. 

Hooray for 10! I have had a great time with this first ten days of (hope you have enjoyed it). I think there will be one minor change to the set-up i have going on. Instead of 10 straight days, I'll do two 5-day work weeks so i can have a legit weekend. At first I thought about having a "5 days of" blog, but where's the challenge in that? Also, I want to thank everyone for some really great suggestions for different themes. I will definitely be using them in the upcoming weeks. As for the next theme....well, you're gonna have to come back on monday! 


[1-10] : nine

So today my keyboard decided to stop working, so that is my excuse for how late this post is (at least for me). Also, with the debate going on tonight at 9 I kinda had to rush this one, so I spent about 9 mins (literally!) on this 9-step coffee drink. cheers!


[1-10] : eight

well...it's an eight. 

[1-10] : seven (oops)

For some reason yesterday I thought that the number 7 was unlucky... maybe i inflated the yoga ball i sit on in my studio too much. anyhoo, this morning i woke up with the thought, "it's LUCKY #7! People will think you're a fool!" So i edited the post to make it look like i knew the #7 was lucky all along. And no one will ever know. 


[1-10] : seven

Well, today we have lucky #7. I've drawn this little elephant with its trunk up (a symbol of good luck) before, but i really like this white/off white version. (for those who are unaware, I LOVE monochromatic art. Robert Ryman has been one of my fave artists for a while. Especially light neutrals. so you might be seeing some more of that here soon). I can totally see 50+ pieces all in this color scheme with different subjects hanging in a coffee shop gallery.

Mixed Media 5" x 5" on board from Goodwill


[1-10] : six

This was inspired from some doodling i was doing last night, and i wanted to try a different approach...ink drawing, digitally colored. although i liked the ease of switching the colors, i miss the texture i get when i physically paint. 


[1-10] : five

Who doesn't love a good 5-legged steer? I have often been tempted to take one of those old billboards on the side of the road in kansas that say "world's largest prairie dog" or the "mystery spot" signs. but that would be stealing. Also, i always thought that they just duct-taped a stuffed leg to a four-legged cow, but in my google image research, there are actual cows where a fifth leg grew out of their back...really gross and kinda sad. My advice: don't google image "5 legged cow," don't actually exit now to see them, and leave the mythic 5-legged steer as an amusing mystery. 


[1-10] : four

Since yesterday was a bit of a doozie and frank and I (well, mostly frank) are making apple butter (did you know there is no butter in apple butter?!?), jalepeno jam, and salsa to jar, i decided to keep today rather simple. Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

This little gal is 1.5" x 2.75"


[1-10] : three

Three blind mice, three coins in the fountain, three wise men, three's a crown, three's company, the trinity, third time's a charm, three strikes, three little pigs, three bears,  three stooges, three musketeers, third wheel, three wishes, tricycle, leaves of three....man i had a lot to choose from, but i had to go with one of my favorite movies as a kid (although i didn't get half of what was going on).  So here they are: Lucky Day, Dusty Bottoms, and Ned Nederlander. 

Where ever there is injustice, you will find us. Where ever there is suffering, we'll be there. Where ever liberty is threatened, you will find...The Three Amigos!


[1-10] : two

1, 2, buckle my shoes! yes...those are brains on the fabric lining. 

3.5" x 5" mixed media on board


[1-10] : one

Hooray for day one! The topic is 1-10, so today I did a protozoa... a single-celled organism. I think he's cute...i'll name him Wyatt.

3.5" x 5" mixed media on board. 


10 days starts tomorrow!

Get excited! Tomorrow starts the first day of the first 10-days-of series. I'm going to start with the obvious..."1 - 10." This will turn into the top image for this blog. Most of the illustrations will be on a fairly small scale (3.5 x 5 or so) since I have other work that needs to get done. Feel free to forward on the site to anyone who might enjoy it, make comments, post pictures, whatever! (I feel like a kid on christmas eve!)