In the meantime....

So I have a few projects that I will be working on during the month of March...first off a show with Baileyworks, a local messenger bag company that have a yearly art show where 15 artists are each given the same bag and do something arty to it. I had to submit a proposal and i pick up the bag next week! I'll post some in progress pics as them come on my other blog... katievernon.blogspot.com. My "theme" is "Beardy-Works" hahah!

Also, I have to do some work for a print show i'm going to be in at ArtStream in Rochester, NH. This is just 6 prints, but i'm creating some new work for it...it'll be a flower/animal theme...the flowers inspired by Sarah's arrangements (see pic above) at Saipua...very beautiful! So keep looking at the other blog for new things, 10days will just have to be put on pause while i get these projects finished up!

Finally, I am about to post some new work, reasonably-priced ORIGINALS on my etsy page! These should be up by mid-week. Toodles!

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